Friday, January 20, 2012

Mail Talk!

I was pretty excited when I won a contest on Romwe's facebook.  All I did was sign up for their newsletter, like their facebook page, and leave my email address on the selected post.  They chose a total of 3 winners everyday from January 1-15.  There was a chance to win 3 pairs of the same tights out of 10 tights.  On a few of the tights, there was a chance to win a coupon for $10, $20, $50, or even $100.  I was chosen on Jan. 1!  Way to start off the new year right?  I didn't win one with a coupon, but I was still glad and happy that I even won at all.  They sent me 3 pairs of the same tights!  I will post another picture when I actually wear them.  They somewhat look like what I posted to the left.  I can't wait to finally wear one of them. =] 

I was pretty excited to see what other packages that came today!   I am addicted to contest and giveaways.  There were some contest I won so I can give them to other people just because I like giving gifts.  One reason why I LOVE Christmas time!!

I got a package today from with Madre Labs Skincare.  I entered a rafflecopter contest on My Beauty Bunny's Blog.  Her site is wonderful because she lists beauty products that don't test on animals.  She has a bunch of other great topics on her blog too.  So here is a picture of the wonderful stuff I got.

Well readers, ENJOY the rest of the day because I will.  Thanks for reading and please feel free to follow me! =]

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