About Me

♥ daughter, sister, aunt, friend. I ♥ things that make me smile and laugh. I am a creative deal seeker. I like different things, I am a open friendly person, independent and dependable.  I am spontaneous most of the time so I don't have a set schedule and even if I did its always subject to change. I know how tough things can get, but I always try to smile. I love meeting new people and trying new things. =]
I was born on the year of the Tiger and my zodiac sign is a Leo.  I graduated from California State University of Los Angeles.  I have my Bachelors in Business Administration with an option in Human Resources and a minor in Economics.
I ♥ my family, shopping, fashion, make-up, my hair [I donated 16 inches of my hair in Sep 2011], contest/ giveaways, coupons, freebies, helping others in need, doodling [cuz I can't draw], art, flowers, food, cooking, sports: volleyball, basketball (Lakers), football(no team), swimming, snowboarding, traveling [even when I'm still in the same city], running/jogging, pilates, yoga, meditating, etc...

I didn't have a normal life or family, in fact I would call it pretty dysfunctional.  Nonetheless, I still love my family.  I lost my mother in 2007 when she was tragically killed in a car accident when a drunk driver ran a red light. It was hard to cope with the loss of my mother, but everyday I grow stronger knowing that she would want me to be happy and just live my life.  So, that's what I am trying to do... to enjoy : to take pleasure or delight in simple things.